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Our Mission

Mahlucot Management Consulting mission is to leverage the insight and expertise of its team of advisory, investment and trading professionals to generate superior returns across a range of asset classes, while maintaining our good name and the good name of our investors.

While open to opportunities wherever they can be found, Mahlucot focuses on sectors in which it has access to intelligence second to none and a stellar group of operators.

In a world awash with information, insight is often in short supply. Mahlucot edge is its ability to leverage the local knowhow of its partners and professionals, collaborating across the firms’ disciplines from deal sourcing and due diligence through company development and building long term trading relationships.

The result: A much broader view of potential investment and trading opportunities and deeper level of expertise, creating value for Mahlucot backed companies and trading counterparts that translates into superior returns for Mahlucot investors.

  1. Mahlucot is a single team of very bright, honest, energized, thoughtful, self-starters and great people working together all over the world to create the best outcome for Mahlucot and our investors.
  2. We do what we say, and say what we mean.
  3. No one raises their hand and says, “That’s my idea or my deal.”
  4. If an investment or trading play doesn’t work out, we all take responsibility. No finger pointing. The firm is politics free.
  5. Mahlucot is a caring firm; caring for our people, our clients, and our various communities. We must focus on all stakeholders.
  6. Disseminating information broadly within our firm makes us more effective and better-informed traders and investors.
  7. We are constantly learning from our mistakes and striving to create new ideas, new products, and new ways of doing our business. If we don’t act like this we will become marginalized. We always want to remain relevant to and admired by the people with whom we do business.

Mahlucot Management Consulting LTD., is a private “family office” that has two major lines of business.

Physical Commodities Trading

Mahlucot Management Consulting LTD, is a reliable trader and supplier of a wide range of commodities to industrial and financial consumers globally.

The Firm’s role is to be a trustworthy and competitive partner to businesses in the segments of the market which it serves and to support those businesses as they expand and develop.

The Firm’s customers around the world rely upon Mahlucot as a source of Metals and Minerals and Crude Oil and Oil Derivative Products.

These products originate either from Mahlucot directly or indirectly owned assets or are secured by Mahlucot from third parties.

The Firm believes that success in commodities trading comes through genuine long-term commitment to all elements in the production and trading process.

Private Equity Investments & Advisory Services

Mahlucot Management Consulting, LTD., is also a firm that serves as both an advisor to and an investor in its clients.

The Firm’s main role is to act as lead sponsor in “cash flow generating” management-led buyouts, strategic equity investments, equity private placements, consolidations and buildups, along with growth capital financing throughout the asset class categories.

The Firm is industry agnostic and does invest globally as long as it is dealing with the right “operators”.

Unlike many private family offices, venture groups and other hedge funds, Mahlucot Management Consulting, LTD., does not generally back ideas, start-up situations, private equity or other hedge funds, project finance or Greenfield opportunities. The Firm does though work aggressively – through various holding company structures –  with experienced operators seeking to partner with the Firm for traditional buyouts, recapitalizations and growth and acquisition capital financing.

The firm is not a NG securities broker dealer and is not involved in any business that would require registration as a broker-dealer or registered investment advisor.

Our Values

Managing Risk

At its most fundamental level, we at Mahlucot believe that risk management is a corporate culture issue. To manage risks effectively over time, employees must put the firm’s welfare and the preservation of important client relationships ahead of everything else. Risk is risk, and you can’t be perfect at managing it.

Consequently, we believe that the three absolutely indispensable ingredients of our success in managing risk are: Escalation, Accountability and Culture.

  1. Escalation means communicating risk concerns to higher levels of management, getting more fingerprints on potential problem risks and challenging the notion that a business group leader ought to make independent decisions on risks that affect the entire firm.
  2. Accountability, of course, means acknowledging that people are responsible for what their business groups do, and, equally important, holding senior management responsible for evaluating all aspects of risk, including the quality of the people with whom the firm chooses to do business with.
  3. Culture. Our greatest risk protection, however, comes from ascribing as much status, prestige and compensation to those partners engaged in control functions as to those running businesses — and in constantly rotating partners back and forth between risk control and business operations.

In a nutshell, we believe that any responsible firm’s risks, do not result from proprietary trading, but rather from facilitating client objectives. Being an effective advisor, for example, means giving advice that is actionable, which frequently requires the advisory firm to support the client through capital and other balance sheet commitments.

Far from being over, the impact of the financial mess we are still witnessing today, not just in the US but on a global basis as well, is still being felt the world over and we believe it will sooner than later affect not only rules and regulations, but Wall Street leadership as well.

We are glad Wall Street is headed back to an operating model centered on relationships and value creation as this is pretty much our forte in here at Mahlucot.

Corporate Responsibility

Clients First

Since its inception, Mahlucot’s has devoted itself to the belief that clients come first. That has led us to create a “business model” designed to serve the needs – and achieve the goals – of our clients. “Clients first” stands for professionalism, trust and a devotion to excellence. But at Mahlucot, our commitment to our clients runs even deeper. For investors, “clients first” means that we align our interests closely with theirs. For advisory clients, it means that we are independent and conflict-free. And for trading clients, it means that we operate the firm with integrity, prudence and a view toward creating long-term value.


By aligning our interests with those of our clients, Mahlucot has become a trusted partner for investors worldwide. Many of the world’s top private family offices value our “excruciating due diligence”. Advisory clients recognize that we bring a deep understanding of their strategic objectives and a commitment to provide effective solutions to all assignments. Trading clients know better than anyone that in the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.


Above all, Mahlucot takes great pride in the caliber of its partners and professionals the collective track record they represent. Over the years we have made a concerted effort to attract the best and most maverick partners in the business, with broad-ranging expertise in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Advisory, and Physical Commodities Trading. Outstanding people have without a doubt one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.


Mahlucot’s approach is to act responsibly and to be a leader in good corporate practice. We always adopt and adhere to the best in class standards as required by the world’s most rigorous regulatory regimes.

Global Perspective

We have developed a global perspective on markets and opportunities, with activities that range across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East Africa continent. In addition, we have an extensive global network of market professionals, intelligence analysts and leaders in the corporate and public sectors. They have experience and knowledge across all markets providing a competitive advantage in maximizing opportunities and delivering compelling value to our clients.


Mahlucot conducts business across the globe subjecting our company to the laws and regulations of the various countries and territories in which we operate.

We expect all of our people to fully comply with all such applicable laws and regulations wherever they are working.

Compliance is the responsibility of everyone.

Where a local law or regulation is of a higher regulatory requirement than our own internal policies, the higher requirement will always be met.

To play a pivotal and lasting role in our value creation business requires a long-term perspective.

Long-term prosperity is built on firm foundations. We maintain stable relationships by creating lasting, shared value. We deliver sustainable growth by acting as reliable partners for our clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate and personal integrity in all dealings with clients, competitors and communities, and only work with partners that share this commitment.

We require full disclosure from all counterparties and customers and must approve any new counterparty before a transaction can take place. Every prospective counterparty is required to complete a standard Know Your Customer (KYC) questionnaire.

This is the basis of Mahlucot’s corporate culture and how we do business.

We fully recognize the mantle of responsibility on our shoulders and that we always need to go further. Society expects it.

Our Team

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